Best Drum set Brands

What are the best brands of drumsets?

There may be some work involved in determining the best drum set brands. After all, it depends a lot on what you’re looking for; different strokes for different folks. The various brands of drum sets play differently and sound different. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that there are numerous brands to consider and to try out, among which are Pearl, Gammon, Dynasty, Peavey, Roland, Gretsch, Simmons, and bfd, just to name a few.

Individual Needs

Contrary to popular belief it may not cost a fortune to buy a decent set of drums. Drums come in a wide range of quality levels and prices. So to determine which sets are best we must know what our individual needs are. Chances are that there is a set out there somewhere that’s just right at a price that can be managed.

Cost verses Quality

When considering the purchase of a drum set, especially for a beginner, most folks generally look at their budget to determine what they can afford, and it’s good to economize wherever possible. However even though low-end drums look good from that vantage point they may not give the best value over the long run. The better quality drums usually last longer and can be more easily traded in later for that next set. Many good-quality drums can be purchased for just a little more than the cheap sets, and they can be sold later because they hold their value. So if at all possible avoid the cheapest drums.

Drum set price is usually proportional to the drum shell hardness and the quality of the hardware. The hardness of the wood as well as the quality of the hardware also contributes to the overall quality of the sound, and how that sound changes with age.

Popular Brands


Ludwig Drums are among the most popular drum sets. The sound is high quality and the durability is top notch, and they age very well. For this reason the vintage Ludwigs are highly sought after, especially the models made in the sixties. A basic new Ludwig kit is also affordable, some sets starting at about $300.


Slingerland is another renowned drum maker that’s been around a long time, making their first drum sets in 1928. The company was purchased by Gibson in 1994, and the quality of Slingerland drums remains high.


Tama is another highly esteemed drum set brand that’s been around for a long time. The Tama drums have a crisp sound resulting from the use of high quality materials. The shell strength is guaranteed with a five year warranty. Metal is intentionally left out of the shells to prevent any distortion of the natural tone and resonance.


Pearl is one of the most respected drum makers in the industry. Pearl is a Japanese company founded in 1946, so they’ve been around for a while. The quality and durability of Pearl drums is exceptional, and today they include a lifetime guarantee to back up that quality.


Gretsch, a producer of high-quality guitars, is also in the business of creating high-quality drums. Gretsch drums are highly respected among professional drummers and are used in numerous styles of music.

The Best Choice of Drumsets

Determining the best drum set brands may take a little time and some research. Review the brands outlined on this site to get a starting point. Then try the various brands out. You’ll know the right one for you when you find it.

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